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The Gibellini project  |  Production plan
Prefeasibility and permitting
The scoping study results demonstrate the potential viability of the Gibellini project to be not only a primary producer but also the sole domestic producer of vanadium in North America.  A number of programs are underway to collect data and information in preparation for the feasibility study scheduled to begin in late 2010.  Ongoing programs include field studies for an environmental assessment, a bulk sampling program and a metallurgical/geotechnical diamond drill program.
Environmental Assessment
Enviroscientists, Inc. of Reno, Nevada will be working to obtain various permits required for the development and operation of the Gibellini Vanadium Project. American Vanadium will prepare an Environmental Assessment to satisfy the BLM requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act.  Enviroscientists have begun biological, cultural, spring/riparian, ground water characterization and waste rock and ore characterization. These studies are scheduled to continue until fall, 2010.
Bulk sampling and drilling programs
The bulk sampling program will comprise the collection of oxide, transition and non-oxide layers from four different trenches on the project, while the diamond drill program will be two-phased. The first phase is to obtain samples from 500 feet of core from each material layer type across six holes for a comprehensive metallurgical testing program. The second phase is to obtain geotechnical data that will provide information for design of the open pit, waste dump and access road designs.
Metallurgical testing program
These samples from the trenching and drilling programs will be used in a metallurgical testing program that will build on historical metallurgical data and the AMEC Scoping Study to optimize the leaching process. This program will optimize sulfuric acid leach recovery/consumption, develop a custom bottle roll procedure and further improve recovery of vanadium extraction at Gibellini. Column tests will be done to test composite samples taken from the new trenches. The metallurgical program will further verify ore body data and optimize the vanadium pentoxide production process which will directly support the feasibility study.
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