The CellCube energy storage system is regarded as a milestone in the history of regenerative energy management. Whether in combination with photovoltaic, wind power stations, biogas generators or in parallel grid operation - the vanadium redox flow energy storage system guarantees uninterrupted power supply. It is independent of weather fluctuations, temperatures, length of day or unstable grids.

Commercial and Industrial


Electric Grid

Renewable Energy Generation

The storage system for intelligent power supply.

With well-thought-out and mature products, from generation up to storage and provision with the CellCube energy storage system, GILDEMEISTER energy solutions offers holistic systems for the modern energy industry. Our solutions represent maximum energy yield, simultaneously being environmentally friendly. The CellCube energy storage system, which was tested and proven in practice for over five years, solves the problem of energy storage. It presents uninterrupted supply of power from solar and wind power stations, also during periods of darkness or without wind. Therefore CellCube is the missing link for supporting the development of renewable energy.

The CellCube energy storage system allows a clean, emission-free and quick provision of power, can be charged very quickly and is ready for use immediately. It distinguishes itself through high safety, storage stability and very fast reaction times and can be incorporated into existing energy systems worldwide in numerous application fields. Best service, absolute safety and reliability! Sophisticated technology, proven components, intelligent sensors and control functions ensure that the CellCube is absolutely low-maintenance. With the flow energy storage system controller a clever monitoring instrument provides comprehensive control and guarantees safe provision of power around the clock.

Modular and flexible for every situation

CellCube, the individual energy storage system adapts to every requirement. The system power output and capacity is scalable from the kilowatt range to the megawatt range without a problem. The modular and flexible structure of the system allows varied application options conceptualized according to requirements, depending on customer preferences.

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